UK SIZE 8 Classic Court Shoes - 6" heel - Crossdressing Closet

UK SIZE 8 Classic Court Shoes - 6" heel

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If ever there was a pair of shoes that fit perfectly on any occasion- it's these ones. This pair of stylish stiletto heels for men are very popular due to their sharp, bold look and hardwaring patent material.

The heel is also the perfect size for those of you who are still finding their high-heeled feet, or are going for an everyday look. Yet you most certainly still get those lucious, long legs and super sexy feel from them!

Stylish and classic 6 inch stiletto heel court shoes

Comfortable and a must have to any shoe collection

We also have the same style in 4" heels or 5" heels for men.

These beautiful shoes are part of our transgender, transvestite, and crossdressing boutique where we stock a range of everyday, evening wear and stage shoes and clothing

Classic 6" Court Shoes