4 Reasons Every T-Girl Needs a Juicy Pair of Breast Forms

As a crossdresser, perfecting your feminine figure is a non-negotiable - even if you have to fake it  a little. And while men’s high heels and male corsets will definitely serve you well in pursuit of feminisation, nothing really says womanly like a nice big pair. Silicone breast forms are the answer to any desperate transvestite’s prayers - and we’re about to tell you why. So let’s get down to it - what’s the big deal with breast forms? Silicone Breast Forms

The Hourglass

Experts in feminisation will tell you that all style choices should be made in the name of the almighty hourglass. Whether it’s wearing flattering fabrics or perfecting your posture, it’s all in the rounded edges. Breast forms are a fantastic solution to your womanly worries, filling out everything from blouses to dresses and giving you the figure you deserve. Better still, breast forms are available in a range of lovely sizes - from modest to monstrous - so whatever your body type, there’s a pair of fake boobs for you.

The Outfit

Whatever you choose to wear, it’s all about making your outfit work for you. Not all clothes are made to order - a problem that girls and T-girls alike have to contend with on a daily basis - which means you’ll need to make use of a few tricks and cheats to see that whatever you’re wearing looks like it was designed with you in mind. Breast forms are an ideal solution for crossdressers who need to fill out one very particular area - not only will they make your clothes fit like a dream, but they’ll give you those perfect curves that will have even certified ladies sick with envy.

The Look

If you’re a day-to-day crossdresser, something that probably crosses your mind regularly - if not constantly - is the idea of being ‘read’ as male. But these silicone miracles are changing the game for transvestites around the world - and you can be a part of the revolution. Look at your bust in context of your whole body and watch in amazement as your new pair of silicone breasts transform you into a Greek goddess from all angles.

The Freedom

And here’s the best part. Not only do silicone breast forms give you a winning womanly figure, but you don’t actually have to deal with the boob-related burdens that full-time women face on a daily basis. Not having to think about the associated back pain is definitely a plus - and being able to throw them on the dresser after a long day is a treat many girls would literally kill for. On top of that, being able to choose anything from a dainty A cup to an obnoxious F makes you custom-built - giving you the perfect pair, whatever your shape. Crossdressing Closet is any crossdresser’s best friend. We’ve got silicone breast forms by the dozen, with a wonderful range of sizes so you can find the set that’s right for you. Check out our online store to take your next step towards aesthetic womanhood now.

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