Corsets for Men

If you are looking for that special something that helps to develop your figure into a more feminine shape then a corset is the answer to your prayers.  Corsets are a glamorous and affordable way to help you get that dream female body shape and here at Crossdressing Closet we know just how to make them correctly for the male bodyform.
We all know that men and women’s bodies are built differently, the male body is usually longer, torso wider and the waist is in a different place (yes it really is!).  It is therefore really important that you buy corsets for men rather than ladies corsets – they just are not the same and will never fit you correctly. We make sure our corsets are uniquely designed for men who want to achieve a realistic female form.

We have developed our crossdressing corsets over a long period of time and are proud of our corset collection.  Every corset is handmade just for you by an experienced corsetiere to ensure that you feel like a confident female every time you wear it.

There’s nothing like the feeling you get from wearing a perfectly fitted corset. They’ll make you feel confident and sexy, ready to take on the world. Check out our range of crossdressing corsets and corsets for men today, and if you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch.

Push Up Corset Basque
The Push Up Corset Basque is very feminine and very sexy. The top has been specially designed to increase your...
White Satin Zip Up Corset
This White Satin Zip Up Corset is simply beautiful for weddings or for any occasion when you want to look innocent...
Black Lace Waist Cincher
The Black Lace Waist Cincher is a skirt style corset designed to create a thinner waist. The stretch, shimmer lame...
Metal Rings Faux Leather Corset
The Metal Rings Faux Leather Corset will make you look and feel very sexy. The corset features under wired, padded...
Criss Cross Faux Leather Corset
This Criss Cross Faux Leather Corset has lots of detailing to really bring out the woman in you. The corset...
Satin & Black Lace Waist Cincher - Plus Size
The Satin & Black Lace Waist Cincher - Plus Size is a great treat for someone in the bedroom. The...
Faux Leather Corset - Metal Rings
The Faux Leather Corset - Metal Rings is part of our plus size range and really shows that big is...
Faux Leather Corset - Criss Cross Neck Straps
The Faux Leather Corset - Criss Cross Neck Straps is a very feminine corset from out Plus Size range. Made...
Leather Look Zip Front Corset
A great corset for a sexy look, the Leather Look Zip Front Corset brings out your inner wild child. With...
Mesh Panel Corset
This beautiful Mesh Panel Corset has a really lovely feminine style. The front has a low cut V shape which...
Black Jeans Corset
This Black Jeans Corset has lovely light boned shaped to give it a lovely feminine look. The front features a...
Green & Black Lace Corset
The Green & Black Lace Corset is cut to be sexy and to get you noticed. This corset has a...