Fetish Boots for Men

Here at Crossdressing Closet we always like to bring you the best in transgender clothing.

We understand that everyone has a fetish which is why we offer a choice of fetish boots.

For transgenders who enjoy role play, we have stunning cross-dressing ankle boots with have a padlock so the key can be given to the person of your choice. We also provide ballet boots with a truly killer heel to make your feet look like a ballet dancer. You can also choose from thigh high boots in different styles, but all guaranteed to add shape to your legs and make you look and feel every bit as sexy as you want to.

Wide Thigh High Lace Up Boots
Our Wide Thigh High Lace Up Boots are a great way to bring out your wild side. They have a...
Wide Thigh High Zipped Boots
Show your wild side with these Wide Thigh High Zipped Boots. These boots zip on the inside to give them...
Thigh Length Boots
Show off those shapely legs with these Thigh Length Boots. The zip is on the inside so it doesn't spoilt...
Zipped Thigh Boots
The 5 inch heel and shape of these Zipped Thigh Boots are a great way to give your legs a...
Black Lockable Padlock Fetish Boots
If you love to be locked up in your fetishwear then these are the fetish boots for you. Lock yourself...
Thigh High Black Lace Up Fetish Boots
Fetish black lace up thigh length boots with metal d-rings carrying the lacing all the way up the legs! Truly...
Knee Length Fetish Ballet Boots
Fetish black pvc knee high dominatrix ballet boots - also available in leather Lace up at the front with Inside...
Black Patent Fetish Ankle Boots
Sexy 6 inch stiletto heel black patent fetish ankle boots Lace up boots with 3 interchangeable ankle cuffs, one with...