Creating a Feminine Figure

Proportion is a very important aspect of appearing like a biological woman and can be a mine field when dolling yourself up.  Many crossdressers will opt for a more frumpy look so as to hide certain features and appear more like a woman. If you really want to have a beautiful and sexy tgirl look, there are a few simple steps you can take to look feminine from the top of your perfectly styled hair to the tip of your heels. reunion500_36

Creating Breasts

An obvious thing most cross-dressers will have in their closets are some form of breasts. Whether you are opting for the simple rolled up sock, multiple padded bras, fillets, breastforms, or the spectacular breastplates you are still trying to give the effect of realistic breasts. These not only have the obvious female aspect to them as well as sex appeal, but they also counteract broad shoulders and a barrel chest and make your waist look a little more nipped in. Those with an already petit figure will not need large breasts, as too large and they will be more likely to look fake.

Shapely hips and bums

The idea of padding hips and bums is to give the effect of child bearing hips, and this is achieved easily in a number of ways. You can buy readymade padded underwear which usually has good support for tucking, these are long lasting and look just like underwear however you cannot get them custom fit to give the figure you want. Secondly is making your own pads, this is easy once you have the knack and there are tutorials on YouTube to help get you started. I always prefer homemade ones, but you will always have to layer up on tights to hide them.

Creating an hourglass waist

Once you have hips and breasts sorted, you may not want or need to worry about the space in-between, but if you want some tummy control or just to achieve that perfect hourglass shape, this is the section for you. It is always advisable to get tummy control underwear anyway.. They're not particularly sexy, but they are a good standby for an off day, or a good start to a clean cut outfit and will keep any excess at bay. A clinch belt over your clothing is a good way to bring in a waist and will provide a good accessory as well. The most extreme and personally my most loved wardrobe item is the corset; Make sure to get steel boned not plastic, and if possible to be fitted for it as well. If looked after they will last for years and they adapt to your shape and if you choose the right style for you, they will change your body shape and posture dramatically.  

Fabulous Hair

This is one not many people think of, but what sits on your head changes the entirety of your appearance from masculine features to broad shoulders and large biceps.  The keyword here is volume.  Large hair or wigs can cover a multitude of sins and will make you feel undeniably sexy. If you are using your own hair, get to know products like moose and hairspray, and remember a little backcombing goes a long way. Extensions are a wonderful way to ad both volume and length to your hair either permanent or clip in, and if you get human hair ones they are easy to style and if you look after them properly will last as well.  A technique I always like to do is called wig stacking, this may be too much for some T-girls, but I find it balances out my features perfectly, and again, you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Do you have any dressing, hair or make up tips for creating a perfect feminine look? We are always looking for guest blogs from real life crossdressers. Email

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