Creating Cleavage

Creating Cleavage

by Shane Foster

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A good cleavage is, without a doubt, one of the main features of feminine sexiness. They are way more likely to be noticed than anything else you are creating about your image. For crossdressers, a cleavage can draw attention away from the rest of your body, thus showing off your femininity and, therefore, helping you to pass as a woman – which is, of course, your main goal.

With that in mind, many crossdressers would love to achieve a natural, good-looking cleavage, and in this article we will help you to achieve just that

Using tape

So let’s start with the basics, and one of my favourite ways to achieve a good cleavage, since it’s so simple – the use of body tape.  This is a very popular and highly effective way to create cleavage, however the only downside is that it can be a bit tricky to master.

It can also be painful if you use the wrong kind of tape, so stay away from duct tape! The most important thing to remember is that the tape needs to be firm enough, but not too strong or sticky that it removes your hair when you pull it off. My recommendation is medical adhesives (which allow your skin to “breath”) or PVC tapes.

When used properly, tape can give you more freedom and allow you to wear different outfits, without bras. It all depends on how you apply the tape, according to which outfit you want to wear. It’s also worth noting that this method is better suited for crossdressers with some chest muscles or fat, just like me. That’s because it wouldn’t be practical for flat-chested crossdressers.

Before applying the tape, make sure you shave your chest, so the tape has a clean surface to stick to. You may also clean the region with water and soap. My other piece of advice here is to protect your nipples as well, with paper-towel or silicone protectors.

In order to wear the tape and create cleavage, start unfolding it from the roll. hold one end with one of your hands and pull your “breasts” together with the other one, making sure you leave a small gap, of about an inch between them. This will increase the realism of the cleavage, and once you feel they are pressed enough, apply the tape.

One or two layers should be enough, but if you feel that it’s not secure yet, reinforce it. It might compensate for the lack of volume and create a very believable cleavage. However, if you are still unable to achieve a satisfactory volume, try the other methods below, as they may be better suited for you.

Stuffed and pocket bra’s

This one is a classic, used by many beginner crossdressers. A stuffed bra aims for volume and weight and is more suited towards outfits with less exposure. The main concern here is choosing the right type of bra and the correct bra size.

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Once you have the right bra size, it’s time to start stuffing it properly. The best materials are socks (or any kind of similar fabric you have) or silicone “cutlet” inserts, also known as falsies – these are my recommendation. They hold still and are easy to keep in place, requiring minor adjustments once you find the ideal position. You can also use a balloon half-filled with uncooked beans, as long as it’s not too big and well tied together (with no air bubbles).

Now that you have both the bra and the stuffing, it’s time to put everything together and form your breasts. My advice is to start by putting on the bra. If you are not yet familiarized with bras, you can start by wearing it backward, with the bra helper clips on your chest, instead of the cups. Then, clip the straps and flip them around so the cups are facing your chest.

Once you manage to put on the bra, pull the cups so you can fit the stuffing inside. The ideal is to place the stuffing on the base of the bra, so it sorts of pushes up your natural chest. adjust it at will, until you think it looks nice. If you’re using this method alone, remember to use just enough filling to make them look like regular-sized breasts.

This method is really cheap and works great for some outfits. However, it’s recommended for those with more coverage. It imitates breast volume in a very cost-effective way but fails a bit on the cleavage part. Another alternative is a padded bra, in which case you can get away without having to use any stuffing at all, so long as you only want a small cleavage!

For more realism, you can also try pocket bra’s, since you can fit silicone breast forms inside them. Although they are more expensive, the added realism is a key feature that increases your “pass-ability”.

Wear the pocket bra just like any normal bra, and if you are not yet familiarized with bras, you can start by wearing them backward (see above). After that, make sure to sort each form. They look a bit like “water drops”, and the nipples should be facing outside.

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Spread the elastic opening on one of the cup parts of the bra. Carefully slide one of the forms inside the pocket, and adjust it inside. Try to settle the form on the bottom, but be careful not to fold it. The recommended way to handle the forms is by holding them by the edges.

Vest-style silicone breasts

For the more advanced crossdressers amongst us, this option is ideal as it’s both practical and effective. Crossdresser breast forms from are worn the same way as vests. They come filled with either elastic cotton or silicone gel, with realistic movement physics. The silicone has a lifelike texture, so it looks and feels like real human skin. The effect is seamless and very convincing, granting any crossdresser a perfect cleavage.

This method’s advantages are the high level of realism, and the quick, painless process you have to undergo when you wear it. One of the disadvantages is the price since it’s a bit more expensive. The other one is the fact that summer days and hot weather will make it hard for you to wear them for a long time.

As an alternative, you can also use bra strap breast forms, which can be used with or without bra's to give you that realistic cleavage, so why not check out our full range here to get you started.


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    i have worn a breastplate before and it was very realistic and felt natural when it reached my body temperature however when trying to take it off it ripped quite easily and was quite a struggle.i`ve since learned that i should have used talc on the inside before i put it on.I am going to buy a new one but now unable to buy talc, seems to be unavailable now.Is there any substitute that works just as well that you know off.
    Thank you

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