Crossdressing Anticipation

The Moment of Anticipation

 I've recently been doing a bit of online shopping and was reminded of some of the small thrills that I get from the experience. Buying things for myself and having them sent to me is one of the moments where my two worlds collide. Dave buys presents for Holly and runs the risk of people finding out that she is ...


On this occasion I was buying her a little camisole set online. An ex-girlfriend used to wear tiny pjs just like them. They were so flattering to tits and bum and touching her skin through them was amazing. I used to just want to stroke her all the time. I remember trying them on while we were playing one time, I'm pretty slim and could fit in quite a lot of her clothes. I loved how light and smooth they felt. All that silkiness felt so good to the touch. I want Holly to feel like that.


I actually kept those pjs when we split up and used to wear them quite a lot. But after some years they weren't the same. So now I'm getting some new ones and that's where the fun starts.


I'm terrible, I'll sneak a look on Crossdressing Closet even when I'm at work. You're never quite sure if that person who walked in saw what you were looking at or whether you minimized it in time. Anyway, there's always the 'it's for my girlfriend' excuse (I am single and enough of my workmates know that to make it less than ideal).


I found a set that Holly would really like. They were so cute and simple, a sheer silky cami and little shorts with a lace trim. I ordered a set and started to get excited. Delivery options used to be a bit of problem, things I've bought before came in really obvious packaging. I've also had to sign for things which is a nightmare when you have housemates. I'll admit there was a slight thrill in the possibility of getting caught but it's nice to be able to avoid all that. When I told Holly that I'd ordered her something she got so excited. I love making her happy.


Waiting for a delivery is a bit like what waiting for a letter used to feel like. There's something quite romantic about it. The day came when I got home from work to find the package sitting in the hallway. I had been looking forward to it and had to show Holly immediately.


In my room she loved them. I wanted her to try them on straight away but she said she wasn't ready. She went off to the bathroom with her wash bag.

I love stepping out of a hot shower all clean and smooth. In the steamed up bathroom mirror I can just about see my flat tum and a little bit lower. I make a dash to Dave’s room hoping not to get caught and there on the bed is my new pj set. They look tiny and perfect. My body is dry and I step my long legs into them. The fabric is so cool and gentle against my skin. I stand in front of the mirror. The lines and curves are all so perfect and delicate. They feel amazing and start to turn me on. I just stay there gazing at them, changing pose and loving them.

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