Crossdressing Secrets: Facial Feminisation Tips (Part One)

If you’re a crossdresser, transvestite or transgender woman, you might be a little self-conscious about being read - but you shouldn’t have to. Passing for the real thing is a piece of cake with the help of a few quick and and easy facial feminisation secrets, and we’ve got them right here. So wherever you need a tweak or touch-up, rest assured we’ve got everything you need for ultimate covert crossdressing. Let the makeup magic commence.

Hair Tricks

Crossdressing Secrets: Facial Feminisation Tips Dealing with a serious case of forehead? This can be a major and instant gender giveaway - which is why we’ve got the quick fix you’ll need to put those suspicions to rest. Men have generally higher, wider foreheads with a bony ridge and a backwards slope. It might sound like a lot to hide, but some cute bangs should just about do the trick. Crossdressers should make sure to avoid short and blunt cuts, though, as these will only emphasise your more angular face shape and, in the case of short bangs, fail to disguise that brow ridge you might have. So stick to delicate, wispy bangs and you’ll be the envy of ladies everywhere.

Brow Fixes

Crossdressing Secrets: Facial Feminisation Tips Men’s eyebrows are thicker and more prominent than women’s - this is common knowledge - but there are more subtle differences too. If you’re a man, generally speaking, your brows will be straighter and lower - sitting below the orbital rim, while women’s sit daintily above. So to keep things on the down low, try one of these quick fixes:
  • Professional shaping - thinning and reshaping your eyebrows will give the illusion of higher brows - as long as you avoid over plucking, as these exaggerated eyebrows shapes will have an adverse effect (two words: drag queen).
  • Botox - while this is a more extreme measure we wouldn’t endorse as your plan A, Botox injections will undoubtedly give the dramatic and immediate results some of you might be looking for. Injecting Botox into your brow muscles every 3-6 months can give your eyebrows a semi-permanent raised look without having to resort to surgery.
  • Makeup tricks - with some clever makeup techniques, you can create perfect eyebrow arches that ooze femininity. Video tutorials like this one can show you tricks of the trade in a matter of minutes, transforming your masculine brow into a feminine masterpiece.

Eye Candy

Crossdressing Secrets: Facial Feminisation Tips Your eyes are the first thing someone sees when they meet you - which is why it’s worth paying extra attention here to make sure things are looking as ladylike as possible. Men’s eyes are generally deeper set, with eyelids that are more closed, so as a crossdresser you’ll have to fight these natural traits to pull off the feminine illusion. Enhancing your eyelashes is one great way to do this, making your eyes look infinitely larger with minimal effort. Use a curler to keep your lashes lush, and shell out (within reason) on some quality mascara to give your eyes the special treatment they deserve. Makeup mastery can mean the difference between being read and staying off the radar. Perfecting your makeup application skills is an absolute must, with endless tutorials available all over the internet for crossdressers and transvestites looking to pass for the real deal. Try this tutorial on for size to get started. Still not had your fill of feminisation tips? Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll be taking things below eye-level, giving clever crossdressing tips on how to feminise your nose, cheeks and lips without the hassle. Covert crossdressers rejoice - you can depend on us. And if you fancy completing your feminine look with a gorgeous wig or a lovely pair of silicone breast forms, we can help with that too.

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