Dresses for Men, A Crossdressers Guide to Fit

     Aside from wearing high heel shoes and the itch that comes along with fine hosiery, dresses are one of the biggest challenges men face when crossdressing. The main reason for this is that dresses have always been tailored for the shape of a woman, with curves and areas that are narrower than our own. Guys have a particular shape that makes the classic design of most dresses awkward fitting and not the natural look we are going for. To be able to create a convincing feminine look when wearing a dress, men have to get a bit more creative and follow some simple guidelines that will hide the broad shoulders, thin waist and lack of hips. You can’t just buy a larger size and expect it to fit properly, you have to shop for your size and for your shape. Let’s take a look at some tips that will have you looking good in any dress you choose in no time:


     The first thing to look for is the correct length. Any woman will tell you that finding a dress that is appropriate for the occasion is important and that goes for men as well. Choosing a length that is just above the knee will do a couple of things. It will enable you to wear a garter belt and stockings giving you a seductive appeal without coming off as “slutty”. And choosing a dress of this length will help conceal your foundation pieces which are there to add curves and create a more feminine look.


     There are high quality men’s dresses available that are made to the measurements of crossdressing men. They are designed, tailored and cut to fit the male form properly while still providing a feminine look. The sleeves will usually be longer and the chest will be wider and some will include pockets for your breast forms.


     Finally, you want to choose a style that suits you, or at least the feminine you. There are many crossdressing apparel retailers now that carry a wide range of sizes and styles of dresses designed exclusively for men and that means more styles to choose from including long sleeve dresses, halter dresses, minis and more.

     When choosing a dress that you will want to wear, remember comfort is important as well because if you are not comfortable in the clothes you wear, it will definitely show and you could lose that feminine look you are trying so hard to achieve.

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