by Shane Foster

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For some, crossdressing is a pastime, a ‘hobby’ if you will, something to do at the weekends to break the monotony of the working week. It is often a chance for some to live out a fantasy that lurks from within, a chance to escape reality and to become their alter ego.

 But for many, it is a way of life. The chance to become who they really are. It is not just as simple as escaping reality – this is their reality!


The other you

 Whatever the reason, it is a chance to transform into someone else. In some cases, such an alter ego may be a flamboyant party girl who loves to have fun, and perhaps the real them is quite shy and retiring, so this is the perfect way to escape reality.

 For those who chose crossdressing as a way of life, this is the chance to be the real person.  That larger than life reality that is screaming to jump out of the shadows and yell…”this is me!”


But is it really a choice?

 Well to answer this, we need to ask another question – why? Why do people cross-dress, is it really a choice, or is it more of a need.  What is the real reason behind their transformation, this need to escape reality?

 For some, as already outlined, it is a chance to be a different person, almost like a split personality (but without the need for therapy). But in many cases, it goes a lot deeper.

 For many people, this is a way to be the real person. Their daily lives are nothing but a mere front – a set of clothes, if you’ll pardon the pun. Whereas when they are dressed as a woman, they actually feel real, the way they were meant to feel.


How does it make you feel?

 For me, and so many others, there are many feelings, starting with excitement. The anticipation has been building and now it is time to rid myself of my manly exterior, and begin the transformation.

 For some it will be a feeling of nervousness, and for many it will a feeling of release. At this moment in time, they can take on their real persona, and the transformation is like a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time, and taking flight.



 As the change begins to take shape, it turns to a work of art. It isn’t simply a case of applying some make up and donning a wig, it is so much more than that. It is an expression, the creating of a whole new person – like an actor transforming into their character.

 The creation must be right, since the alter ego is a real person. So the look must fit the character, and the name. And this may take some trial and error to get it right. After all, if the look isn’t right, then the real person hiding beneath the surface won’t be able to come out.


The real you

 So you’ve found the look you are searching for, and you have finally created the new you. The real you has found its way to the surface and escaped into the real world.

 But is it simply just a transformation into a character, or is it more than that? Are you really that person who uses crossdressing for fun, a chance to be someone else just a few hours – or is it something more than that?

 Is this new you, the real you?  Is crossdressing about you changing into the other you, or is this actually the reality, and you only cross-dress when you go back to being your old self again?

 We will explore this more in our next blog, so stay tuned for the next instalment.


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