Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and Dreams


by Shane Foster

Reading time approx: 7 mins


As I sit here contemplating how another year has almost passed by so swiftly, I am reminded of all the hopes and dreams I had at the start of my crossdressing journey, and just how few of them I have managed to achieve. When I began to make the transformation (if you’ll pardon the pun) from the experimental phase to the flamboyant alter-ego that is my ‘other self’, I spent a lot of time setting out some goals in my mind about where this could take me, and how I wish to finally express myself to the world.


And then Covid hit!


There I was with all these wishes, all these desires, and what happens…….you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go – as the saying goes. So as the world continues to return to the new ‘normality’, I have returned to my thoughts about what I want to do, and which are still achievable in this new era.


First and foremost, let’s talk about my favourite subject. Which, if you haven’t already guessed by now, is clothes! Like many other crossdressers, my wardrobe comes from a number of different sources. Many of the items are bought online, from sites such as Crossdressing Closet, as well as those I have sourced from other like-minded people or women who are ‘in the know’ about my secret life. I also have a few items I have purchased from shops, but this is a relatively small number and most items that men are quite comfortable purchasing.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of high street crossdressing shops out there, where I would be more than happy to pop into and have a good rummage. But for me, one of my big dreams is to be able to walk proudly into that crossdressing shop as my alter-ego and show the world that I am who I am. Another of my dreams when it comes to clothes, is to be able to go into any clothing store and have a good look through the women’s section, and even try a few things on for good measure. However, there is a part of me that wonders just how the staff would react, and how helpful they would be?


There are still plenty of shops where I can go and let my feminine side show through, and I know the shop assistants will be more than willing to help, and even have a ‘girly’ chat and giggle whilst browsing, and for now that will have to be enough. But one day, hopefully very soon, I want to be that man with the guts to be a woman for the day. And when it does happen, you will be the first to know about it!


When it comes to being my alter-ego in public, it is one thing to go out on the town into the nightlife, where anything goes, and I would not be alone, but it is another thing to be out in public away from the ‘scene’. Again, this is one of my many dreams – to go out and enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment, but dressed as a woman. Whether it’s for a meal, or to enjoy the theatre, or even just a trip to the cinema, this has to be achieved at some point in my life. Maybe not just now (I would need a lot more courage at this point), but maybe at some time in the future, and again I will log all details of the event and share with you here.


I have also often wondered what it would be like to dress up as an executive lady and strut myself in some big posh office block, or even one of the top department stores in London or New York – just to see what how people would react. A bit like a crossdressing version of ‘Pretty Woman’. Now that could probably work, since I do like a nice red dress. Camera’s at the ready guys and girls!


Now as we are currently in the lead up towards the festive season, what about a bit of Christmas crossdressing joy – how about my fantasy dream to be Mrs Santa. This one, I have to admit, is a little bit on the naughty side. You see, I haven’t exactly specified what I would be wearing beneath that big red flamboyant coat, and I may just have to leave that to your own imagination – nothing to hot and steamy now…..


Well these are just some of my dreams, and one day I hope to be able to achieve them in reality, and to give you the lowdown on just how they turned out. Perhaps next year will give me the opportunity to do just that, assuming that we continue to move forward out of the pandemic and back to the world we used to know and love.


One last thing to remember, whatever your hopes and dreams, don’t be afraid to show who you really are. As the saying goes – life is too short – and isn’t that a fact!


So stay safe, and stay tuned for the next article.


  • Scott Gordon Kew

    I found that dressing PROFESSIONALLY was a great step to stepping out. No loud colors…no flambouyancy…
    just feminine CLASSIC dignity. For me it was a pencil skirt and nude stockings and a nice pair of nude colored pumps along with a flattering white long sleeved silk top. I wore a beige colored brazier and some simple but tasteful gold colored matching teardrop earrings and a black and gold necklace. I also wore a simple gold thin anklet and bracelet. Worked well for my esteem. Just my 2 cents. The Best of luck to you.

  • Danny/Tammy.

    I loved reading your story, Shane and I am inspired by it. I have always been a secret cross dresser and two years ago I decided it was time to start dressing seriously and then Covid-19 happened and it all went boobies up as they say. I will keep trying though and look forward to seeing how things go with you. Danny/Tammy.🥰

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