International Day of Families

by Shane Foster

On Monday 15th of May, communities around the world will come together to celebrate International Day of Families. This annual celebration was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 and reflects the importance of families.

Each year, this annual day of celebration provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families, and to increase knowledge of the social and economic struggles affecting families in modern society.

As part of the annual celebration, there is a wide range of events organised at local, national and international levels to raise awareness and to help countries to celebrate everything that promotes family life.

Some people use this celebration to look back at their achievements as a family, or to start a family tradition, or to simply make a family playlist. Others use the opportunity to help families who are less fortunate or to promote the work of underserved families in their local community.

But what does it mean for those of us who are crossdressers, and how does being part of a family impact on your choice to crossdress?

In previous articles we have explored the importance of being free to crossdress, and we have looked at the impact it has on the individual. But what about the rest of the family, how does it impact them?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand if they are aware of your crossdressing, have you shared your feelings with them? If you have, how was it received?

It’s really important to have full support from your family if you decide to share this with them, since they need to have a good understanding about why you crossdress, particularly if you do so as a family unit.

I personally have shared my love of crossdressing with both my immediate family and also my close friends, which means I have the freedom to be myself when I dress as my alter-ego.

I also know many other crossdressers who regularly change into their other persona on a regular basis, some at the weekends and other on a more full-time basis, so having the full understanding and support of their family is absolutely crucial.

This allows us all to be whoever we want to be and to celebrate what makes us different from the crowd.

Whatever your story, whatever your background, I hope you have taken the decision to share your crossdressing with your families, and that they have embraced it and they support you fully with your choices.

Just remember one thing - family is important to all of us, and whatever your choices, please take a moment on 15th May to reflect on everything that is good about family, and don’t forget to do it in style!

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