Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day 2023

by Shane Foster

As I sit here contemplating the week ahead, I look out of the window into our sun filled garden and my eyes are immediately drawn to the tabby cat curled up in the sun, eyes firmly shut as she basks in the sunshine, and I am suddenly reminded of our late dog, Diesel.

Diesel was a typical black and tan German Shepherd who loved nothing better than lying in the garden soaking up the sun, especially after a hearty lunch! Nowadays our only pet is a snake, a Royal Python called Reggie, and all this thought of animals reminded me that today is National Love Your Pet Day.

February the 20th is when pet lovers everywhere observe this national day dedicated to one of our most beloved members of the family - our pets. It is a day when we encourage everyone to pamper our pets and focus on the special relationship they hold in our lives.

Of course, we don’t just concentrate on the typical family pets, such as dogs and cats, but this day is when all pet lovers come together to celebrate one of their key family members, including birds, reptiles, fish, and many more.

It also worth remembering that our love of pets has grown massively over the years, as we have come to realise that there are many benefits to having a pet, not just the most know ones such as family bonding or preventing loneliness, but also the health benefits such as reducing blood pressure as they help to keep us both calm and active.

So when we think about our pets, it's worth remembering that they give us so much in return for our love, and for that reason, this national day of love is a great way for us to take time out to ensure they remain a key priority for us.

This could be something as simple as an extra treat, or taking them for an extra-long walk, or just giving them your undivided attention throughout the day. You could also treat them to some pampered grooming and checking that all of their vaccines are up to date, or having a spring clean of their beds, toys and feeding areas, or a refresh and deep-clean of any aquariums, vivariums, or other habitats.

For me and my husband, today will be a day of reflection, to remember our beloved Diesel and everything that made him such an important member of the family, as well as a day to spend some time ensuring our snake is in the best of health. We will also spend some time treating the many other animals that frequently visit our garden, including the local cats and the many wild birds that often visit, particularly on such a pleasant day.

However you choose to spend this national day dedicated to our pets, make sure you do just one important thing - spend time with them so that they know just how much you love them every single day.

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