Make Up Tips for TGirls

A Flawless Base The first step is to get a flawless base is to find a foundation that matches your skin tone as close as possible. You may well need help from a professional to find the right shade. Many make up shops and concessions in department stores are trained to help members of the trans community and will be more than happy to share their knowledge of products with you. Also blending a slightly orange colour into the stubble areas will reduce ashy tones.   Contouring The next and possibly one of the trickiest techniques to master is that of contouring; that is, the use of bronzer to give the illusion of a more feminine face shape. There are many tutorials for this online, but you must remember that unless you are on stage, or going for a very severe or dramatic look, not to use too much, and always to blend well.   Bright Eyes Eyes are always a hot topic for anyone who wears makeup. It is useful to wear primer to make the colours really stand out. Rather than putting the darkest colour on the lids, try putting white pigment there and in the farthest corners of the brow bone, just under the end of the eyebrow, this should really make those eyes pop and captivate everyone. Remember that everyone’s eye shape is different, so what may work for one person may not work for another, experiment and see what works for you.   Lips Lips are a tricky one and really does depends on the rest of your outfit, hair and makeup. Experiment with cheaper brands to find what kind of shades work for you and then move up to better quality brands. It is always worth completing the whole effect with a good finishing powder to set your makeup and to protect it from the elements that it may be subjected to, as well as giving a more flawless look and reducing shine.   Recommended brands Makeup companies we would recommend include M.A.C, Illamasca, Estee Lauder and Dior, there staff are well trained and are happy to help and there products are versatile and have excellent coverage, just what any good crossdresser needs.

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