Makeup Tips for Crossdressing in Winter

by Simon

As the season has now changed to winter, the condition of our skin begins to change too. This means that we need to adapt our winter makeup application techniques, in order to keep us looking and feeling our best. 

So, if you are looking for winter makeup tips, then read on. Here, we have put together a list of what we deem to be the most important winter makeup tips.

Prep Your Skin for Winter Makeup

The severe cold, harsh winds and central heating can all dry out our skin, causing sensitivity and dryness. This calls for extra care of the skin to be taken, and so a good morning and evening skincare routine is crucial. Use a rich night cream on clean skin before bed. Next morning, your moisturised skin will be ready for you to apply your makeup.

Keep Makeup Light

Because of the drying effects winter can have on your skin, it’s important to keep makeup lightly applied, particularly with foundation. Also, add a bit of moisturiser to your foundation to keep skin hydrated. Remember, there’s nothing worse than foundation that highlights any dry areas of the face.

Use Moisturising Lipstick

As previously mentioned, moisturising helps with keeping skin hydrated, and lips can easily become dry and chapped. To help keep them in their best condition, use a lip balm, and when wearing lipstick, use one that contains a moisturiser.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

Winter brings with it the common cold, as well as cold winds, both of which can cause our eyes to water. Make sure that your eye makeup is tear proof, thus ensuring you don’t end up with panda eyes when out and about in the cold.

Bring Colour To Your Cheeks

Using a bronzer doesn’t really work during the colder weather, so blusher can be used to add some colour to any winter skin paleness. By adding a rosy shade to your cheeks, it will help achieve a healthy and natural glow, without going over the top.

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