New Year Resolutions


by Simon


Welcome everyone to our first article of the New Year, and may 2024 be a happy and prosperous year for you all.


With the start of another new year, comes the obligatory New Year Resolutions, and I’m sure you have all made your lists! As we are only in the 2nd week of January, we decided to check in and see how you are getting on with your resolutions, and also explore a little more about the background to this annual goal setting activity.




New Year Resolutions are a common tradition in the Western World, promoting people's resolve to make changes that encourage good practice, improving behaviour and accomplishing personal goals.


The tendency for people to make resolutions has become more commonplace since the beginning of the 19th century, including people failing to keep them. During the same century, it also became more prevalent that people would indulge more during December, believing that their new year resolutions would in some way absolve them of their previous sinful behaviour - an interesting notion!


History of the New Year’s Resolution


The custom of making resolutions has been around for thousands of years, however it hasn’t always been viewed in the same way as we do today.


The first people to make a new year’s resolution were the ancient Babylonians, who did so some 4,000 years ago. They held celebrations in honour of their new year, which was held in mid-March, rather than January, when new crops were planted. Their 12-day religious festival, known as Akitu, saw them crown a new King or affirm their loyalty to their reigning King.


The more traditional way of thinking about past mistakes and resolving to do better in the future, arrived around the mid-1700’s. This was when the celebration of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day became more common, including ‘watch night services’ which were held to celebrate the coming of the new year.


The more common traditions we enjoy today came about during the early 19th century, as already mentioned above.


Top 10 Resolutions


It may come as no surprise that there are a number of repeat resolutions which come out of the closet (pardon the pun) every new year. So here is the list of the top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2024 in the UK:


  1. Lose weight
  2. Eat more healthily / diet
  3. Get fit / more exercise
  4. Take better care of self
  5. Spend more time with family / friends
  6. Sort out finances / cut back
  7. Get a new job
  8. Be more environmentally friendly
  9. Stop / reduce drinking
  10. Stop / reduce smoking


Of course, the question is - which ones are on your list?


Sticking to Your Resolutions


Despite the best of intentions, once the glamour of the new year fades into a distant memory, most of us struggle to stick to our plans. In fact, many studies have shown that only half of people who make new year resolutions actually achieve their end goal, and I for one regularly fail mine!


To help people stick to their resolutions, here are some tips about ensuring your goals are achievable:


  • Make sure you are mentally prepared for the change. It’s not as easy as it sounds when it comes to changing regular habits, so it’s worth thinking about previous successes. Also, stay positive and don’t make changes that are too big or too quick for you to deal with.
  • Only set goals that will motivate you, not just because you feel you need to, or because someone else is doing the same goal. Think about your dreams and aspirations for the future, and try to link your resolutions accordingly.
  • Make your goals SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. This will definitely help to make your goals both achievable and manageable.
  • Write your goals down and keep track of them. Studies generally suggest that most people don’t stick to their resolutions because they don’t keep track of them!


New Year - New You!


Many people who crossdress choose the new year as the ideal time to change something about their crossdressing life. This may be about being more open about their lifestyle choices, or simply changing out their wardrobe for a new fresh look.


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All the best for 2024!

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