Out on the town

Out on the town

by Shane Foster

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As the world begins to get back to some sort of normality, and the night-time economy opens back up, it’s time once again for your alter-ego to make a fresh appearance.

So what’s it really like when you’re a crossdresser going out on the town? The answer to this will very much depend on whether you’re an old hand, or a relative newbie.

Of course, you could be an old hand at crossdressing, but you may still be a little bit nervous about going out in public. But fear not, you are not alone, however there is no need to be nervous as there are plenty of other crossdressers out there already strutting their stuff!

Just be you

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re stepping back out after lockdown, either way the key point here is to ‘be yourself’. Remember why you’re a crossdresser – this is your way to be the ‘real you’.


The character that forms your inner self is what needs to shine through. So if your alter-ego is a sassy in-your-face girl who loves to have a good time, then don’t be afraid to show it.  The way you portray yourself must reflect your character, in much the same way you would when you are in your normal everyday life.

It took me a while to find my ‘other me’, with lots of trial and error. Trying different wigs (hair styles and colours), make up choices, what clothes and shoes work best, but once you’ve got it – you’ll know it!

So when I go out in public, I know exactly how to pull it off, now that I know what works best for me. Then I can go out and be flamboyant, and allow the world to see the inner me – in full colour!

Keep it fresh

You also need to remember to keep it fresh, and also in perspective to where you’re going. Just like when you go out when you’re not crossdressing. For instance, you wouldn’t keep wearing the same clothes every time, nor would you wear jeans and trainers for a formal dinner party.

The same can be said about when you are crossdressing in public, particularly when you are doing it frequently.  You need to keep your wardrobe fresh, and also have different attire to suit all eventualities – whether its party girl time, or if a more elegant look is required. Or you may just want to be as ‘out there’ as you possibly can be!

And don’t forget how much fun you can have when shopping too. I’m always down for some retail therapy, and there’s nothing better than when you see some hot shoes, or the perfect handbag to match your new outfit.

Of course, here at CDC we have all you need, so don’t forget to check out our latest offers!

It’s time to get ready

So now you’ve chosen what you’re going to wear, the outfit is laid out on the bed ready, your wig has been prepared, and you’ve chose the best colour to suit you and your look.

Then it’s time to choose the footwear, whether it’s some sexy high heel shoes, or some hot high boots (they are my particular favourite), and of course you need all the accessories to perfect your hot look.

So now it’s make-up time, the chance to create the perfect character that best suits your alter-ego. Remember, this is your opportunity to set the look, and there are plenty of tips online to help you get this right.

And now you’re ready to hit the town and show everyone what you’re all about.

Oh, and feel free to send us your comments about your latest ventures out on the town, we look forward to reading all about your exploits!

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