by Shane Foster

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In our last article we explored the need to cross-dress as a means of ‘escapism’ from the real world. And we also touched on the subject of those who cross-dress as a means of becoming the real them.

So in this article we are going to explore this a little more. Because for many, the need to cross-dress is not so much about escapism, but more about transforming into who they really are. In other words, the act of ‘realism’.


The journey of discovery

For many, cross-dressing goes a lot deeper than simply donning a different set of clothes, make-up and a wig, to look like a woman (or indeed a man). This transformation starts a lot earlier in their life than that.

For most, this is the part of a journey of discovery. On the one hand, you have those who maybe feel that they were born in the wrong body – and cross-dressing is a way of beginning the transformation into a permanent change.

For others, there is a deep-rooted sense of a very strong ‘feminine side’, meaning that they are almost 2 people. There is the ‘male’ side of them, the normal everyday persona – the ‘front’ if you will – and then there is the ‘female’ side of them, the real them!

There are many reasons why people have this need to explore their inner side. The journeys they are on are all personal and unique to the individual. Some are painful and some are joyous.

But one thing remains the same for all, it is a journey to discover the reality beneath the surface – the exploration of the many faces that make up the character being portrayed above the surface.


Two become one

You may be forgiven for thinking that this is a form of split personality, however the reality is very much different. In most cases the male and female sides are often the same – the two personalities are in fact one person.

The only difference, is that when they are cross-dressing, they are allowing the real person to  take over the body in which they reside. The traits of both sides are common, and the way in which they act remains the same.

The only thing that differs is the image portrayed. This in itself is an artform, and one that can only truly be fully understood by the person themselves.


Coming out

In the LGBTQ world, you will regularly hear stories of ‘coming out’. This is about the person coming out of the closet and showing the world who they really are.  However, in the world of cross-dressing, there are two sides to this realism.

Because it isn’t just about coming out, but also about putting the other them ‘in the closet’. For those who are cross-dressing for realism, there is a need to put their old self away, since the two must be aligned as one. There is no room for two different worlds, there can only be the one realism.

The act of cross-dressing is, therefore, when they are putting away their old ‘front’. However, in most cases it is very easy to see the reality, even when dressed as their old self – it simply cannot be hidden from view!


What’s in a name?

For the complete transformation, the ‘realism’ needs a name. In most cases, the cross-dresser will already have their other name fixed in their mind. This is because they already know this person, they have already ‘seen’ them.

They have met quite a long time ago, and have spent many years getting to know each other. The ‘name’ they use will have true meaning for them, and for some it is the name they believe truly fits their character.

Whatever the name of their alter-ego, the reality is simple. Who are they, you may ask – well just ask, and the name they give you, will tell you everything you need to know!

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