Summer Tips for Crossdressing

by Shane Foster

In our last blog article we brought you some great tips for using makeup during the summer, helping you to cope with the hot and humid weather. So we thought it would be a good idea to bring you some tips to help you look hot and crossdress in style through the summer months.

Let’s face it, when it comes to crossdressing we all want to create a super feminine look, and what better time to do that than during summertime. At this time of year it’s great to be a girl since there’s nothing like stepping out in a cute sundress or a sexy swimsuit.

In this article we will bring you some tips to help you stay cool, as well as to create a great summer look.


Staying Cool in Summer

So let’s get going with some great ways to help you dress and stay cool this summer, starting with breast forms. There’s nothing worse than how hot and sweaty silicone ones can make you feel in the summertime, but you can opt for foam ones for a lighter and cooler feel.

When it comes to underwear, natural fabrics that breathe are key to staying sweat and odour free. Make sure you have a collection of cute cotton panties for the summer, and a cotton bra can also be a lifesaver.

Summer hairstyling can be a real pain, as the heat and humidity leads to frizz, whether it’s your own natural hair or a wig. In order to control frizz and keep shine, use a smoothing spray for natural hair or a detangler for synthetic hair.

And don’t forget that summer means you will be baring more skin, which in turns means more shaving. However, shaving combined with sweat can lead to ingrown hairs and breakouts. In order to avoid this, exfoliating can work wonders to keep pores and hair follicles clear, so use an exfoliating body wash a few times per week.

Dress to Impress

Next up we have some great tips to help you create the perfect look, and possibly turn some heads too. First off, the number 1 rule for dressing in the summertime is to think loose and cool, instead of tight and hot. It’s not about baring the most skin, but wearing clothes that allow your skin to breathe.

If you need an excuse to go shopping (and let’s face it, we never need one), then topping up your summer wardrobe is the perfect one. A maxi dress is a summer essential that every crossdresser should own. Make sure to choose a style that skims your body to smooth over figure flaws and create a feminine-looking body shape.  Or what about a sexy new sundress, this is a great way to kick off the summer. Whatever you need, be sure to check out our great collection of dresses.

An alternative look is to go for a swimsuit, since these can also create the perfect look. As crossdressers, you should choose swimwear that will make you look fabulous as you lounge on the beach or swim in the pool. Bikini tops with ruffles can make your chest area look bigger by adding volume, and for bottoms, choose skirted ones as they add more volume around your hips.

To add to your look, why not add a touch of style with some sunglasses. Aside from protecting your eyes, they will give you an air of glamour and mystery. Remember to pick the right style of frames of course, so if you have angular features then choose rounded frames to balance out your face, and if you have a round face it’s best to go for angular frames as they are the most flattering. Whatever your choice, always remember that sunglasses should never cover your eyebrows.

When it comes to hair, nothing says summer like highlights, so add some highlights to your hair or pick up a highlighted wig. Of course when it comes to body hair, nothing is as sexy as smooth silky skin, so this is the time for a full body shave or wax. You will feel very girly as well as feeling cooler and fresher.

To add to your overall look, don’t forget that changing your perfume is a great way to get into the mood for summer. Take a break from heavy, musky fragrances and choose something light and fruity. The finishing touch for summer is to trade in those deep lip colours and go for something fresh and light. Soft pink, coral, and nude shades are perfect for a warm weather look.

Whatever look you choose to go for this summer, make sure to feel comfortable whilst being fabulous and showing off your glamorous new styles.

And if you are looking for inspiration to add to your wardrobe collection, then look no further than our new stock items here at Crossdressing Closet. With a great choice from outfits to lingerie, gloves to shoes and dresses to accessories, we’re sure to have something for you!

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