The Crossdresser’s Guide to Walking in Men’s High Heels

They say don’t judge someone until you walk a mile their shoes - and GURRRL good luck with walking a mile in these babies. Any crossdresser knows that nothing symbolises feminism, fashion and sexuality like a good pair of heels. But we know they can be tricky to walk in, especially if you’re not used to them. The male physique tends to have a higher centre of gravity - making balance an issue - but with our help, you can master the art of stilettos.  


  The proverbial phrase favoured by drag queens when one of their fellow girls takes a tumble - usually heard over a microphone, in a busy bar, followed by laughter. Embarrassing stuff. This can of course be avoided with some tips to help you take your first baby-steps in stilettos. So whether you’re a seasoned high heel professional or trying them for the first time, here are a few cheeky pointers to hone your catwalk skills and get you off on the right foot.  

Baby Steps

  Wearing high heels tends to shorten your stride - and the higher the heel is, the shorter the stride you can take. This is all to do with the angle that your foot hits the ground when you walk. So before you go bounding across the dancefloor, find your rhythm and a comfortable stride for the heels you’re wearing. It’s better to walk comfortably, taking short steps, than to compromise your form by getting ahead of yourself.  

Confidence Is Key

  If you think you’re going to fall, you probably will. And we’re not just talking about mental confidence, but physical confidence too. Standing tall and keeping your head high - making each step a decisive, intentional move - will improve your walk and help with balance. Keep your posture strong but pretend there’s a puppet string attached to the crown of your head - imagine this string is pulled taut, keeping your head, shoulders and hips in alignment. Make yourself tall - a lot of t-girls shy away from walking tall, but trying to shorten yourself will mean your balance takes a hit.  

Heel to Toe

  Walk normally - this might sound a bit obvious, but we’ve witnessed many a ‘gurl down’ situation from people walking incorrectly. Remember heel to toe - as with walking in flats - your heel should make contact with the ground first, followed smoothly by the ball of your foot. Transfer your weight forward from the ball of your foot to your toes as you lift off for your next step.   Looking for high heels for men? Look no further than Crossdressing Closet - we specialise in stocking men’s high heels from UK men’s size 6-14. So what are you waiting for? Check out our online shoe store, stocking sexy high heels and boots made with men in mind.

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