Using Makeup in Summer

by Shane Foster

One thing’s for sure, we’ve been enjoying some really great weather lately, with long hot days. However, if you are a regular crossdresser like myself, this can play havoc with creating the right look, especially when it comes to wearing makeup.

The summer weather can cause sweat, which in turn can lead makeup to smear or come off easily. Luckily, a few tweaks to your regular routine can leave your makeup looking flawless for as long as you need. So let’s have a look at some tips to help you cope with the hot sticky weather.

First off, you must start with clean skin. Wash your face with soap or cleanser before applying any makeup, as makeup will always stay on a clean face longer. This will also help remove any sweat that's already stuck to your face.

Next up is a good sunscreen - this should be part of your regular routine during the summer, since we tend to sweat a little more. You should reapply every two hours or every time you have been sweating. Now this can be tricky when wearing makeup, so a spray-on version can work wonders, and it’s a great way to get a refreshing boost as well.

Apply an oil-free moisturiser before putting on makeup. Moisturising can help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Healthier skin will retain makeup easier. Then opt for a cooling primer, as the less you sweat, the less damage is done to your makeup.

When it comes to choosing a foundation, liquid foundations hold up much better under the heat than powder varieties. In addition to opting for a liquid foundation, look for a sheer and light brand. This will minimise sweat and keep your makeup intact longer.

If you use concealer, only use a small amount. Focus on areas that aren't covered adequately with foundation, such as discoloured spots or blemishes only.

Next up is the eyes, and whether you're opting for a single wash of colour across your lids or a full smoky eye, makeup primer is an absolute must. This is especially true during the hot months when sweat and oil are at their peak production levels. As for the lashes - make sure to go for waterproof mascara.

For the lips, you may want to use a lip liner first before applying your lipstick, as this will help your lipstick look neater. Another alternative is to opt for a tinted lip balm as this will give you a sheer wash of colour as well as moisturised lips.

The final step in getting your makeup to last all day and night is to spray on a makeup setting spray, to seal in your look.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful, and when you're done, you'll have a stunning look that should withstand the heat and humidity.

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