Walking In Heels - Top Tips

by Shane Foster

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High heels are considered to be a girl’s best friend, so when it comes to crossdressing, it’s important to build the same relationship in order to achieve your desired outcome. This is  why we tend to worry about how to walk in them correctly, and so in this article we will share some tips for walking in heels like a goddess.

Learn about your shoes

One of the things crossdressers are most interested in is learning to walk in heels, so if you've never worn heels regularly, a pair of lovely stiletto heels from 6″ is probably not the best place to start!

Choosing the right heels is very important. When it comes to high heels it's all about your comfort and how to get through whole the day in them – well maybe not the whole day, but it will definitely feel like it. So here you have your first rule – the higher the heels, the less comfort for the wearer.

It’s not really rocket science, but learning the simple rules around what types of heels work best for you will be the difference between enjoyment and downright suffering.  So when choosing your heels, remember some of these tips – thicker heels are easier to wear, shoes with more rounded toes are more comfortable, platforms are more stable (but not as sexy), and thicker straps offer more support.

Start small

The best piece of advice to give to anyone starting out in the world of high heels is to start with smaller heels. Yes, we all know that 2” heels are not nearly as sexy as 6” killer heels but they are the best thing to start with. Low and wide heels to allow you to learn. With a little patience and a lot of practice you will get to walk in heels like a pro.

Shoe fitting

Remember – “you're a princess, you're the queen bee”, so it’s important to make sure the shoe fits. Fit is of utmost importance with your heels, because if you are struggling just to keep them on your feet by making an agonizing face every time your foot hits the ground, you will not be able to walk on them. Nothing’s worse than a shoe that's too small. Even going a size up is better than a size that's too small because you can fix that with heel-grips. So make sure you go ahead and get a shoe that fits properly. Your feet will thank you later!

Breaking them in

Never be afraid to try and wear your new high heels around the house before a big event, in fact – it’s a must). Before enjoying your nice new heels, you must first break them in a little. A good way to do this is with the help of a hair dryer and a pair of thick socks – once done, you’re now ready to go out there and strut your stuff.

Learn to stand

One of the biggest things when it comes to high heels is - don't forget you’re not only going to be walking in them, but you are going to be standing in them so make sure you practice how to stand. Instead of just standing as you would normally do, you need to put one foot in to the instep of the other, like a ballet dancer, putting all the pressure of your weight on one foot. Then swap the position of the feet to alternate the pressure on the foot, giving your other foot chance to rest. This will help a lot in the long run, as you learn to get comfy in your new heels.

Practice, practice, practice

Now you’re getting the hang of it, you will want to practice walking in heels on as many surfaces as possible, such as carpets, smooth floors, and up and down the stairs. Oh, and talking about stairs, only put the ball of your feet on each step as you climb. But if you walk down, put your whole foot on the step, heel first, then toe, and make sure you step firmly on it before placing the other foot down. Oh, almost forget, make sure you hold on to the railing, you know, just in case...and don't rush!!

Think about where you are going

There are some many different kinds of heels out there and it's important to learn which ones are the most comfortable for each event. If you know you are going to a fancy dinner where you're going to be sitting down the whole time go ahead, pull out the stilettos where the super uncomfortable is purely therefore the aesthetic. But if you know you are going to be walking around a lot or going on a date with someone you’ve never met before, and are going to want to be able to stand up even after a few cocktails, you might want to opt for those boots made for walking.


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