What's A Leap Year?



by Simon

This year is a ‘Leap Year’, meaning that we gain an extra 366th day - but what is the purpose of a leap year, and why do we continue with this tradition?

With the leap year day of 29th February fast approaching, let’s take a look at the background to this 4-yearly custom.


The addition of an extra day in leap years is to ensure that our calendar remains synchronised with the astronomical or seasonal year. This is because the seasons don’t repeat in whole days, and so the additional day is designed to keep the seasons in line.

Another, and more obvious reason, is that the time it takes for the earth to rotate is actually 365¼ days, rather than our calendar year of 365 days. Therefore, every 4 years we have an additional day in the calendar to equate for the remaining ¼ days left over!

Why in February?

It has often been questioned as to why the additional day in leap years isn’t just placed at the beginning or end of the year - so why decide to add the extra day in February?

Well the importance of 29th February is actually steeped in history, and is all about mathematical science. Additionally, the Romans believed February to be an unlucky month, so by adding the additional day meant it was considered lucky - at least once every 4 years at least!

Of course it does make sense to go for February, since it’s the shortest month, and it has now been considered that 29th February is one of the luckiest dates in modern history, simply because of its rarity.

Love is in the air

For women, February 29th can be a very successful day, as once every four years they have the “right” to propose marriage. This so-called right goes back hundreds of years, when the leap year day had no recognition in English law. The day was simply ‘leapt over’ and ignored, hence the term ‘leap year’. 

It was decided that since that day had no legal status, it became acceptable for a break in tradition on this day, meaning women could take advantage of this anomaly and propose to whom they wish to marry.

Will you propose?

Given the tradition of women proposing on 29th February - do you have any plans to propose whilst in crossdress?

If you do, please leave us a comment to tell us how it went. We want all the gossip, and maybe even an invite - after all, who doesn’t love a good wedding!


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