World Tourism Day


by Simon


With summer now officially over and, for most of us, holidays seem like a distant memory, there is a glimmer of hope - 27th of September marks World Tourism Day!


The aim of World Tourism Day is to raise awareness of the importance of tourism and its impacts worldwide. But of course, there is another good reason for celebrating this event, as it provides a great opportunity for us to consider visiting a sightseeing location we’ve never visited before, or supporting our local tourist attractions.


About the event


World Tourism Day was established by the UN World Tourism Organisation on September 27th, 1980 to recognise how vital tourism is to protecting social, cultural and economic values both globally and locally.


Tourism is something that everyone enjoys, and I for one am always happy to discover somewhere new, as well as supporting local attractions that boost our economy and provide great places for future generations to visit.


One of the great things about highlighting tourism at this time of year, is to allow us to put aside the change in the weather, and forget about the shorter dismal days, and look forward to planning a last minute break.


And don’t forget, sightseeing isn’t just about holidays abroad, it could mean travelling locally or regionally to visit an attraction you’ve not visited before.


Fun fact


Tourism is expected to grow at a rate of 3% every year until 2030, and this trend is expected to continue growing well into the future.


It is for this reason that today’s event was first introduced, in order to pay tribute to the many thousands of people who are involved in industry - making your leisure time enjoyable.


So, whatever your plans, remember that World Tourism Day is your opportunity to broaden your world a little, find a location you’ve always wanted to visit and finally get around to making time for it.


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