Clothing Challenge

Clothing Challenge

By Shane Foster
Reading time approx: 5 mins

One of our recent blog articles talked about being Out on the town and a key element of this topic was the dressing up. So I thought it would be a great idea to talk about the challenges that many crossdressers face when it comes to the subject of clothing.

I spend so much of my free time searching for the ideal outfits and accessories that will give me the ‘look’ that I am searching for. And that look takes on many connotations, depending on the occasion! So whenever I am searching for my crossdressing outfits, there is a constant battle being faced – how do I know what size to go for??

First and foremost, one of the biggest challenges are shoes/boots since there are so many types to choose from, and in so many different sizes. So once I have chosen the look I am going for, this will give me a good indication of the type of footwear I need, such as heels, boots, high legs, flats, the list goes on. The next challenge I face then, is sizing. This is because I have broad feet, which is easy to accommodate when looking for men’s shoes, but when it comes to my female shoes, it’s not so easy. My key message here is do your research!

Where some sites specialise in crossdressing, they may offer the shoes based on male sizing and even provide wide-fitting options. However a lot will still provide female sizes, usually with a conversion chart, but remember – if you have broad feet you will need to shift up a size or two to accommodate, and remember that European, American and Asian sizes all differ. So always remember to check and double check the sizing (and the returns policy if you get it wrong)!

My next challenge is the dress (or other outfit), since at 5’ 10” I am taller than the average female (around 5’ 3”). When you add in my broad shoulders, this all creates further challenges in my hunt for the perfect look. Not to mention the fake boobies that need to be taken into consideration! Again, the challenge here is to ensure you know you conversions from female to male sizes, and also remembering the differences for each region.

So depending on my outfit, and personally I prefer a dress, I have to make sure that I have the right look for the legs. Again there is a myriad of choices here, do we go for stockings and suspenders, or the classic tights? Next it’s the colour choice – and here there are 2 key factors to consider – firstly, do you shave your legs (if not, you will need to go for the darker colours to hide those manly limbs) and secondly, is there a key theme to your outfit that will influence the colour? For me, it’s usually the darker tights as I don’t like shaving my legs! Again the key here is about size, remember with men usually being taller, so are the legs – so length is the key factor here.

Next it’s the wig choice, and boy are there so many to choose from. First off, you need to decide if you are going for the realistic look, and by realistic I mean real hair rather than synthetic. Of course you have to remember there will also be a difference in price. So the next thing for you to decide on is style, and again there are so many to choose from here. It’s also worth remembering that with real hair wigs you can always restyle them, but you will be limited on what you can do with the synthetic types. Next up is colour choice, and this needs to match well with your skin tone and face type, so this is where trial and error comes in. Remember this is one of the most crucial choices that will finalise the overall look you are trying to achieve, so give it the time and thought it deserves.

Finally it’s down to the accessories. How are you going to finalise the overall look, and again there are plenty to choose from.  What type of earrings do you need, are you going for gloves or arm-length gloves, is a hat appropriate, will a shawl complete your look, how about a necklace or neckerchief, what about other jewellery such as bracelets (wrist or ankle) or bangles. The list is endless, but again getting the accessories right could be the choice between a perfect look, or going over the top. Personally I’m a great believer in ‘less is more’ but for some occasions, it’s just about the bling!

Just remember, whatever you choose, it’s got to be right for you – after all, you are the most important person in all of this.

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