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Faux Leather & Lace Ankle Boots

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There are so many ways to describe these Faux Leather & Lace Ankle Boots. Elegant, feminine and sexy are just three. They're comfortable too with a slim 3 inch heel, which makes them great for those new to wearing heels.

They are made from faux leather, with a strip of lace around the edge, giving them a beautiful finish. No zips or laces, they just slip on for added comfort. Show them off with a skirt or go for comfort with trousers: However you choose to wear these, you'll always look sexy and feminine.

  • 3" heel
  • 7 sizes

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Customer Reviews

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Graeme M. (Canada)
A Little Disappointing

These boots look beautiful. They fit well, and they are very comfortable to walk around in for longer periods of time. I'm a server, so my job is entirely on my feet and walking around. I was able to wear these for the whole night with only minimal issues with correct sizing. However, I noticed some of the faux leather started to flake off after the first night of wear, and right on the top where it'll eventually be quite noticeable. I was really disappointed these shoes didn't last a little longer. They will only be pulled out for special events now, because they don't seem able to handle a lot of wear and tear. Great heels, just wish the quality was better.