Fetish Ankle Cuff Boots

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Sexy 6 inch stiletto heel fetish ankle cuff boots

Lace up boots with 3 interchangeable ankle cuffs, one with padlocks to lock yourself in!

Lace up Boots

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Robin D. (Netherlands)
Red Pleaser Ankle Boot with changeable bands.

Very nice boot, under a red 50ties vintage dress with petticout very fashionable.
As being a High Heel / Catwalk Trainer with over 35 years of experience here my review on this ankle boot.

Usable without, with small ankle band, wider ankle band, and lockable ankle band. Gives as such fashionable freedom. and a good support.
Retie the strings using the horizontal method.Keep the zippper closed.(here the one end goes in on the top, goes to the opposite most lower hole in from the inside, then up, to the other lower hole out to in, then, to the 2nd lower hole on the otherside. continuing back & forth with the other holes. Align the ends so they are almost equal length when finished.Open the zipper, inset foot, Close the zipper, Tighten the strings to support foot, end with a loop-diloop en knot these loops together. Do not use the crossed method, the horizontal method enables the boot to close better and give more support. End with the Band you love to wear.
If desiring to release your feet, alway release the band first. then use the zipper. Never loosen the strings. Retighten these when required, but only if worn.

The locks however are very bad, out of 4 only 2 could actually be locked without popping open every step or move, So if you like the locked image, use other locks (small locks for suits cases are available online or in your local hardware/traffic/travel goods shop, or use some translucent tape twist this around one lock bend, and then around the lock itself so the lock will at least stay closed fashionably (or trust on luck), otherwise you will lose them.

When buying always use a perfect sized fit, so measure these and use the size table given on the site (choose NEVER TOO SMALL, as this will eventually damage your feet!!, Preferrably never more than a size too large and onnly if you fill it up using inlets soles.)

As these are 6 inch Heels training is required to be able to walk on them daily for more than a few hours. Do warming up exercises, and maintanance, and cooling down exercises every time wearing (preferably every day even if not wearing them). If not trained well enough; use silicon inlays, bind your middle toe and ring toe together with medical tape, this together will remove most if not all pain. Buff the toepart of the sole slightly to prevent slipperyness. When the heeltip is almost worn out (mostly after a total of about 50 miles walking), exchange these on time, preferrably with metal tips, by a proficient cobbler. Replace when worn out (after several years of active regular use, mostly after 500-800 miles depending on your walking skills , weight and surfaces walked on).

Absolute recommended Ankle Boot.

Rhys L.
Superb quality and fast delivery

Amazing quality item and super fast delivery, would definitely recommend

jason s.

Received my shoes yesterday and they are LOVELY. Thanks so much xxx