Thigh-High Buckle Boots

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Provocative thigh-high buckle boots. This red boots will absolutely make you stand out in the party featuring an inner side zip closure, a glossy upper material made in synthetic leather and three wide horizontal straps with large metallic buckles.

The 5" block heel is balanced by front hidden platform sole. Also available in black colour. Perfect for clubbing, parties, crossdressing, transgenders. Outstanding quality - you will not be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

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Paul G.
great purchase

Bought these black thigh-high buckle boots. Packaged and delivered to a very high standard. The quality of the boots is outstanding.
I will definitely use this website again for any future orders

John B.
The best thing ever

If you want to feel like the baddest bitch of the west, these are the boots you need! When I put them on I felt like a super hero catwalk diva, bad bitch billionaire who owns property in Chelsea, on my way to a VIP bdsm club private sex party type of vibe. These shoes are S I C K E N I N G . I feel like I need to get one in black now. Wow. So so pleased. The only thing to note is that this type of fabric can get a little bit scratched, if you’re a messy bitch like me doing all the dips and death drops but They just look so great I don’t even care. <3

B D.

Fantastic boots. They complimented the outfit perfectly and looked more expensive than they were. Apparently, they were very comfortable to wear too. Thank you

Dr d.
Great Boots!

Great boots - well made but unfortunately didn’t fit so had to return. No hassles with returning and exchanging for similar pair so very pleased.

Arthur E.
The search for Kinky boots!

My boots arrived the very last moment before I needed them.
Those boots are just awesome!! You wear them and you feel like you can go out there and rock the world!! I wanted a pair of boots like that after watching Kinky Boots on the west end and I felt like a million $ with them on!!
However, they're lacking support at the very base of the ankle. If that could be improved, it would avoid a lot of "shit, I almost twisted my ankle!" kinda moments. Make sure you have strong ankles before you wear them cause an ankle twist from 6in high isn't a fun thing...
But man how I love my boots!!